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Welcome to the joys of birding in Southern California. Each of our coastal counties has checklists of more than 400 species. Our inland counties get great desert and Mexican species difficult to find elsewhere. The ABA/Lane Birdfinding Guide A Birder's Guide to Southern California by Brad Schram lists more than 200 specialties, of which 182 are visible either on or from land. This book is highly recommended as a first resource for planning your birding in SoCA.

If you're basing your birding trip out of the Los Angeles area, SoCA Birding Guides can help you get your target birds. Guides Jim Abernathy and Steve Sosensky have been leading groups weekly for several years. We have each recorded more than 400 species in California for each of the last 5 years. This sort of success takes knowing where, when, and how to find the more difficult species in the area.

Whether your target birds are in the mountains, at the sea shore, the desert, or anywhere in between, we can take you to the optimum locations. You can use your own vehicle or hire our SUVs (required for some San Bernardino Mountains species), and we'll pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. For large groups, we can also arrange for van rental at the going rate.

Whatever species are on your hit list, SoCA Birding Guides can personalize a day or more to fit your needs, depending, of course, on the seasonality of the birds. We can also lead specialized seasonal trips to places like:

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